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Informatique, SSII, Internet
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There is a global shortage of tech talent, 76% of IT leaders experience skills gaps on their teams, since 2016, there has been a 145% increase in the number of IT decision-makers who report a skills gap in their department. 
On average, it costs companies more than £20,000 and takes 5 months to fill a technical vacancy. This is a huge issue for any organisation that relies on tech workers to develop and maintain its products and services.
Distributed developed Elastic Teams™️ to address this global issue. Through the Distributed platform clients can work with fully managed, globally distributed teams of highly skilled software engineers allowing them to build and maintain software faster, more efficiently, cost-effectively, and with more visibility than ever before. 
Distributed’s Elastic Teams™️ deliver within days, not months. 
With Elastic Teams™️ clients can scale up and down team activity based on requirements and compose their teams of any programming skillsets. Distributed maintains a workforce of full-time project managers, technical leads and quality assurance leads that are deployed on every client project. This means every project is fully managed from brief to delivery to ensure the most efficient and highest quality result for the client.
That's why we founded Distributed.